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calvin_paintingI am a local artist based in Stroud in Gloucestershire. I have always been fascinated by what can be brought to life with pencils and paintbrushes and loved drawing and painting from a young age. I went on to study art at Stroud College. I work mainly in acrylics but also use oil and pastels; I like the bright colours and tones that these media produce. Most of my canvases are of medium size – around 24” by 18”.

I have a passion for motor racing; I became interested in painting cars after marshalling at events. This helps me with depicting the cars and their surroundings. I also take part in Classic car trials myself.

I enjoy painting cars from various speed hill climbing events such as Prescott, Shelsley Walsh, and Loton Park, particularly trials and rally cars. I have had various commissions from hill climb drivers to capture their cars in action on canvas. I have been influenced over the years by artists such as Michael Turner, Nicolas Watts, and Tony Smith.

I also like to paint scenes of my local surrounding area of Gloucestershire but have also painted scenes of Dorset, Cumbria and Brecqhou in the Channel Islands. My landscapes have been influenced by Bob Ross the oil painter, and Turner.

I like exploring reflections and shading given by different surfaces especially water, picking up the changes in light patterns and incorporating it within my pictures.

I enjoy making up my own compositions from different scenes and blending them together making the picture my own and letting my imagination take over. I like the challenge of trying to depict the motion and speed of the cars in their surroundings and bringing them to life.

These paintings are available reproduced from the original paintings as high quality fine art giclée prints in various sizes, and also as greetings cards and t shirts. Please contact us for prices and further details.

Calvin at Work
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